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About Us

Protected Payment Services (PPS) is a Payment Gateway Provider specialising in secure electronic payments.

PPS are independent of acquiring banks, with a gateway that connects to multiple acquirers.  This means PPS customers can make decisions based on their technology need and the best solution for their business rather than being forced down one route. (We can help find an acquirer if needed though.)

Our Mission

There are 4 key areas that underpin the PPS approach to business, and we strive to keep these at the heart of everything we do.

Putting The Customer First

In our many years’ experience in the payment technology industry we have often seen customers needing to bend what they do to fit the mold of the supplier.  The PPS ethos is to flip this on its head and offer our customers the flexibility and options they need for their business to thrive.

No Contracts

PPS understand that all companies are different – Businesses grow at different rates, some are seasonal businesses, and they all use different technology. We also recognise the strains that new start-ups face. With this in mind, and in keeping with our ethos of Putting the Customer First, we feel that a no contract approach is an easier and more friendly solution to doing business.

Remaining Independent

To allow us the keep the customer at the heart of what we do and put them first, PPS remain independent of any one acquiring bank and instead choose to have good relations and technology that speaks to large majority of them. This gives our customers a payment gateway that works for their business ensuring they are not forced down a route to use a solution that isn’t right for them.

Investing in Technology

The payments technology industry is fast moving and therefore it is important that PPS keep up with the trends.  We are always looking at ways to enhance and improve our technology to ensure our customers have the best payment gateway solutions for their business.