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Our Secure Payment Gateway

If your business connects with other businesses that take or need to take virtual payments, then PPS have a solution for you that will increase your productivity and service offering. Becoming a PPS Payment Gateway reseller will give you the ability to manage all your customers with one gateway integration, whilst still being able to connect to multiple merchant acquiring banks.

The PPS Gateway offering gives you full functionality and all the market leading features with the flexibility to set your own pricing for transactions or bundle them into your software services that you already charge for. The solution is perfect for independent software vendors, web development businesses or companies with multiple subsidiaries who want to centralise their payment requirements.

The Benefits of Joining PPS

Get all the benefits of having your own payment gateway without any of the costs or hassle of owning your own payments gateway.

Simple Access for Sub Merchants

As a PPS reseller you will have full control of adding sub merchant accounts to the gateway, you will have full permission control and can choose if you pass these controls on to your sub merchants. You can view all your sub merchants in your hierarchy on one a central dashboard. Alternatively, you have the option to pull the data directly into your own software/platform via an API. All sub merchants will also get a log in to their own dashboard where they can access all their payment data and reports.