Get Started With Our Integration Guide

We offer options for direct and hosted integrations to make the process of integrating our system as simple as possible.

The Protected Payment Services gateway offers various connection methods. Hosted Integration,  if you don’t want to collect and store cardholder data our hosted integration offer the perfect solution for your business.  The hosted payment page will collect the cardholders payment details and process the payment before redirecting the back to your website.  The payment page is fully customisable and can be styled with colours and logos to fit clients branding.  If further customisation is required, you can use the hosted payment fields, this will allow the sensitive card data to be collected by the gateway while the remainder of the information remains on your website.  Direct Integration is available for those who wish to collect the card data on their own website and submit to the gateway, PPS gateway will then perform the necessary fraud checks, clears payment with acquiring bank and sends back the response to the merchant website.

eCommerce Modules

Our platform integrates directly with all major shopping carts, check the modules below to learn more!

Third Party Modules

These modules are not developed by us. If you need support, please contact the module developers directly.

Please Note. The modules listed above are for reference only.

Code Samples

Integration guides are great, but there’s nothing like a bit of sample code to make the whole process easier! Download your code below: